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Admission Process
Does your school accept Chinese passport holders?

Beanstalk International Bilingual School, Haidian campus is opened to both Chinese and foreign passport holders. Our curriculum and our professional staff allow us to perfectly cater to the needs of both local and ex-pat students.

Do you have a selective Admissions process?

BIBS Haidian follows a competitive admissions criterion. Unfortunately, we are not able to accept all the applicants. Each of the applicants will have to submit previous school reports, recommendation letters and will sit an Admissions Assessment test. Admissions Committee will review all the application files with seriousness and will make fair decisions based not only on the applicant’s individual performance, but also in relation to every other applicant for the same grade level.

Do you accept students with learning needs?

Beanstalk International Bilingual School, Haidian campus is an inclusive school.

However, we will only enroll students whom we know we can fully support in their social and academic paths. Our Admissions committee will review each application in light of and the academic team will consult students and parents, will assess all necessary documentations and previous records for the Admissions Committee to make an accurate decision about admissions and if any learning support is required after. Our school has a Learning Support team that is able to help students with mild learning difficulties. Parents are expected to cooperate with our teams by providing the most recent information.

Where are your teachers from and what experience do they have?

Our school has a very mixed and multi-cultural teaching staff which compliments perfectly our school’s philosophy. Our teachers come from different English native countries, such as UK, USA, New Zealand, Australia, South Africa etc. Both Chinese and foreign staff have a wealth of experience among them, working previously in top local and international schools, in China and abroad.

What curriculum do you teach at your school?

Our school is an IB World school and offers IB curriculum across the school. Our Elementary school from K-G5 follows IB Primary Years Program, in Middle School from Grade 6 to Grade 10 we teach IB Middle Years Program and in our High School from Grade 11-12 students follow the IB Diploma Program.

What accreditation does your school have?

BIBS Haidian is an IB World School. We are accredited as PYP IB School, MYP IB School and IB Diploma Program. We hold as well a WASC and British Council accreditation. 

Also Haidian Campus is one of the few authorized test centers of TOEFL and SAT. Chinese and international BIBS students of all campuses are eligible to take these tests at BIBS.

Do siblings get a special admissions process?

Beanstalk International Bilingual Schools are known as a friendly and family community. We value our families and will always give priorities to siblings’ application once they comply with our admissions criterion.

Do you offer any special discounts?

Beanstalk International Bilingual School offers a special discount to siblings and an Early Bird Discount. Please contact the Admissions office for further details.

What is your usual class size?

Our class sizes vary between 20-24 students. The student number per class does not affect the quality of teaching as in Elementary school each class has one Homeroom Teacher, one EAL and one Chinese Teacher. While in Middle school and High School, some of the classes and subject choices are as small as 5-10 students, which creates a very personalized learning environment.

What extra-curricular activities does your school offer?

At BIBS students can enjoy many co-curricular activities. Usually the activities are scheduled from Tuesday to Friday and between 3.30-4.30 pm. The co-curricular activities are carefully chosen to enrich students learning in Elementary and Middle & High School. BIBS students can choose among a wide range of activities such as Creative Arts and Performances, Sports and Swimming, Music and Drama, Media, Chinese and English Homework Clubs, Fun clubs, Debate clubs, MUN, Chess…

We offer as well a program called Youth Enhancement School, which runs daily from 4.30-8.00 pm with a great variety of learning activities.