Quality Service


School Buses

School buses are a key element of our school’s daily operations and students’ safety. To get started, some of our campuses will be soon working with outsourced professional school bus service providers. We will continue to expand this partnership model should the current arrangements work out in a satisfactory way.


Good nutrition begins at home and continues at school. At BIBS, we consider it our responsibility to provide our students healthful and delicious school meals and to reach our goal of healthy children. To further improve the quality and standard of our school lunches, we have decided to outsource the service to top international professional catering providers to further improve the quality of our school meal service. During rounds of open bidding and selections, our school has worked with our parent and teacher representatives to evaluate all potential bidding suppliers.  We are happy to announce that we’ve decided to work with the world-renowned Compass Group to deliver quality healthy school meals at Shunyi Campus.

Like BIBS, Compass Group also considers providing the highest quality service its top commitment.  As an extremely reputable and experienced food and support services provider, Compass Group endeavors to provide the following services to BIBS in the forthcoming new school year.

Based on age-appropriate nutrition needs and regional natural produce availability, Compass Group will provide a customized meal and nutrition plan especially for BIBS students. On-site nutritionists will be available to provide necessary adjustments to guarantee the quality and healthiness of the meals. Below is a sample weekly school menu.   



A homestay student at BIBS has the unique situation of having all BIBS has to offer right on their doorstep. Homestay students have a large and extensive support network at their disposal to assist with their sporting, academic, cultural and leadership development, which enables them to do their best in all endeavors. Being part of a Homestay is a unique experience for students where they get to live within a family environment composed of a variety of people and cultures. Students learn that their actions are not only a reflection on themselves, but also have an impact on others who live with them. Hence, they may need to give away some behaviors for the good of the whole family as they learn to recognize the rights of others and thus continue to acquire tolerance and understanding. Living in the BIBS Homestay can then foster the development of one’s self in the areas of accountability, self-discipline, independence, leadership, organisation, teamwork, and personal care.

The children are being cared for by a team of professional and internationally open-minded staff. The efforts of our dedicated boarding house team have each child's personal development as their highest priority.

School Uniforms

Starting from this school year, our school is working with Bo Tao Fashion, a well-known Chinese fashion brand, to provide customized school uniforms to our students. Featuring online ordering and home delivery, it will save parents all the hassle of traditional ordering. Parents may contact the Bo Tao customer service staff directly for inquiries on uniforms or assistance on returns and exchanges.

Security Guard

We consider it our responsibility to provide our students a safe and secure learning environment at our school.  We cannot emphasize the importance of school security and facility safety for our students and families. In the new school year, we will be working with Risk Control, a leading specialist risk consultancy that serves the foreign diplomatic missions, international business and school communities in China.  With adequate training in English, fire-fighting and first-aid skills, the Risk Control security specialists will work with.   

BIBS campuses to build an environment that is physically and emotionally safe, well managed, and conducive to learning. We hope that our parents will continue to cooperate with our new school security team in our efforts to keep our students safe at school. Our school management team and operation department would welcome any suggestions or comments from parents to further improve our security practice.