The AP Curriculum

‘A happy life is a life with choices.’ In the spirit of ‘One school, multiple paths.’, beside the full IB accreditation program, BIBS offers vast studying options and diversified development paths by introducing A-Level and AP curriculums in its senior high schools.


AP (Advanced Placement) is the senior high school preparatory course program for US university entrance, sponsored and authorized by the US College Board. Generally speaking, AP is more deep, complicated and detailed than regular US senior high courses.

The AP Curriculum

Curriculum Program

As of today, BIBS has opened English Language and Writing, AP Calculus, Computer Science, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Environmental Science, Economics, Human Geography, Phycology, and Art courses. The AP program at BIBS senior high schools adopts the cross-grade course optioning scheme, which usually requires our students to choose 4 to 5 courses based on their capabilities. Good AP scores is not only the key to university application, but is also a crucial reference for university credit breaks, lower tuition fees and shorter terms.

Tailored Planning

BIBS offers featured classes such as Ivy League class and Art class. Starting from G9, BIBS offers one-on-one college entrance guidance counselling service that is tailored to every student’s personalized situation, interest, and future career plans.

From G9, G10, G11 to G12, BIBS will help our students complete TOEFL, SAT, academic competitions, summer schools, essays, social activities, and 4 AP courses. We will also assist our students on their entire college planning and application process.

Top University Express

US universities use AP examination results as an importance reference. Students may exchange their AP results for college credits, exemptions on similar courses, or even skipping grades. The AP program has been widely accepted by universities from not only US and Canada but also over 40 other countries, including some top names such as Harvard, Yale, Oxford, Cambridge and the Imperial College etc.