Student Welfare & Pastoral Care

Student Welfare and Development 

Student welfare and development involves providing love, care and support to students as they engage in a range of learning activities across the curriculum. The Student Welfare and Development Department includes psychologists and learning support staff.

In Elementary School the main contact for student care is with the Homeroom Teacher. Particular issues are then referred to the Student Welfare Department as needed. At Middle School and High School, the students move from teacher to teacher throughout the day. To provide continuity of care to students each year level has a team of Personal Tutors who work with a Grade Level Leader. Issues that come up from time to time are managed initially with the Grade Level Leader and then referred to the Student Welfare department as needed. At the heart of student welfare is managing communication with parents about their son or daughter. Our goal is for students to have greater agency that they might define who they are as learners and have confidence in this emerging identity.

Social Emotional Learning (SEL) 

Social Emotional Learning (SEL) has been a crucial part of the BIBS curriculum. At Elementary School this is integrated by teachers into the overall program of students. Year 6 to Year 10 students receive a special program developed by our school psychologists to meet their needs. The aim of SEL is to introduce students to a range of topics around relationships and emotional development so they can discuss issues and develop their emotional awareness and maturity over time. Covid 19 has made particular demands upon our school psychologists to meet student needs through their SEL classes.