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Gwanda Yang

Gwanda Yang holds a master's degree from Columbia University, studying higher education policy. He has been a college counselor since 2012, guiding students of different backgrounds to find their own unique strength in college applications and career development. He has been a counselor at the High School Affiliated with Renmin University (RDFZ-ICC). Many of his students have not only entered prestigious institutions, but also found the combination of their strength and passion, laying firm ground for their future. In addition, Mr. Yang holds a bachelor's degree from Johns Hopkins University, where he studied opera performance, his long term passion.

Gwanda Yang
Counselling Service

College selection process is a process for self-understanding, goal setting and personal growth for students. Corresponding to IB learner profile, BIBS College Counseling office has been practicing the mission of assisting and guiding students in the process of college application to be inquirers, thinkers, communicators, risk takers, open-minded and reflective.

College Application

BIBS Counselling Office guides students on every steps of university application including but not limited to tailored college selection and application plan, application essay writing guidance, preparing application materials personalized for each student, organizing university fair and university visit and so on. Counselling Office will prepare students for this whole process. Meanwhile we will make sure it is the students that take the lead in the research, planning and decision making. 

Academic Guidance

College Application is not only about Grade 12. It takes years of planning and preparation to show your academic strength and social readiness for universities. BIBS Counselling Office opens university prep workshops for students throughout whole high school period. During those workshops, students will learn how to do university research, when and how to prepare for admission tests such as TOEFL, IELTS, SAT etc., be aware of entry requirement and timeline of each universities they are targeted to. At Grade 10, Counselling Office will also guide students with DP course selection so that their courses in DP could their match university choice.

Career Exploration

Exploring career interests and finding the best professional setting that matches a student’s passions and skills is an important goal for BIBS Counselling Office. We integrate world renown Personality Test and teachers’ observation in class to give students an insight of who they are and where their potentials lie. As a community school, Counselling Office also teams up with PTA and host events like Career Day and Shadowing the Professionals.

Competition Guidance

Universities prefer to see students challenge themselves beyond their schoolwork. BIBS Counselling Office has chosen a number of most recognized and reputable international competitions to introduce to our students. Some of the competitions are supported by our academic teachers as coaches. Based on students’ own university plan and passion, Counselling Office will recommend different competitions to individuals.